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Learn About Bioperine® in 5 Minutes

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What is Bioperine®?

Bioperine® is a proprietary form of piperine, a component in black pepper that dramatically improves the bio-availability of turmeric. We include turmeric in your daily Feel Multivitamin, and optimise its absorption and utilisation within the body with the addition of Bioperine®. 

  • Makes it easier for your body to absorb turmeric and some of vitamins
  • Improves digestion by stimulating your gastrointestinal tract
  • May act as an indirect antioxidant by boosting direct antioxidant functions
  • Reduces the symptoms of diabetes

Why we love Bioperine®

People have known about the benefits of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, for quite some time now. This substance, which we’ve always included in our Feel Multivitamin™, appears to be one of the world’s most potent antioxidants, and it has a host of benefits from fighting inflammation to helping with memory.

The problem with curcumin, however, is its bioavailability. Try as they might, scientists historically haven’t been able to deliver curcumin isolate with high absorption rates, but with the dawn of bioperine, turmeric is now easy to digest.

Bioperine® is a patented formulation of piperine, which is a substance that is naturally-occurring in black pepper. This substance is what makes pepper taste spicy, and recent research into piperine indicates that this natural substance significantly improves turmeric absorption.

Piperine also has a number of unique benefits beyond improving curcumin absorption, and while research into this substance is still preliminary, we’ll cover the major benefits of piperine in this guide as part of our celebration of the new ingredients in Feel Multivitamin™.

Unbelievable benefits of Bioperine®

Here are a few of the most noted benefits of the piperine in Bioperine®:

Curcumin Absorption Benefits

Research into recent efforts to improve curcumin absorption found that piperine can increase curcumin tissue concentration by up to 154% for 1-2 hours. While that isn’t very long, if you consume turmeric at the same time as piperine, this natural substance will kick in just in time to deliver a huge rush of turmeric directly into your system.

If the curcumin you ingest has an adequate chance to absorb, it can provide a wide variety of highly desirable effects. In addition to pointing out that studies have shorn piperine to increase curcumin bioavailability by over 2000%, a recent review of the scientific evidence surrounding the medical benefits of curcumin found that this substance has well-demonstrated antioxidant properties that far outstrip the average.

This review goes on to point out that curcumin appears to be effective for arthritis and metabolic syndrome, and this natural substance also appears to improve the vitality of healthy people. All in all, turmeric is a highly-recommended constituent of your diet, but it’s essentially useless without piperine. Supplements that include both curcumin and piperine, such as Feel Multivitamin™ V2, deliver this amazing antioxidant substance in the exact way that it was intended to be delivered.

General Bioavailability Benefits

According to the makers of BioPerine®, piperine has been used to improve the bioavailability of various nutrients and other substances for decades. While this pepper constituent is most famous for its effects on curcumin absorption, it also helps a variety of other nutrients absorb properly through your digestive lining.

Digestive Benefits

A 2007 study discusses the potential digestive benefits of this substance. This study has the following to say about piperine and digestion:

“Dietary piperine, by favourably stimulating the digestive enzymes of pancreas, enhances the digestive capacity and significantly reduces the gastrointestinal food transit time.”

The pancreas is the organ that produces most of your digestive enzymes, so stimulating the pancreas would naturally improve digestion. Not only does piperine appear to reduce digestive conditions, but it appears to aid nutrient absorption in healthy people as well.

We've included 3mg of Bioperine® in Feel Meal Replacement to boost your nutrient absorption, helping you to get the best out of every meal

Diabetes Benefits

The anti-diabetes benefits of piperine appear to mostly have to do with this compound’s ability to improve the bioavailability of other substances. For instance, piperine appears to reduce the symptoms of diabetes in mice by increasing the bioavailability of metformin, and we’ve already covered how piperine’s curcumin-boosting effects drastically improve this natural substance’s antioxidant profile.

Interestingly, however, piperine also appears to reduce the symptoms of diabetes on its own as long as it is administered in low doses. A 2012 study found that “subacute administration of piperine has statistically significant antihyperglycemic activity,” which means that small daily doses of piperine may help reduce blood sugar.

Is Bioperine® water-soluble or fat-soluble?

Piperine has traditionally suffered from low bioavailability, which reduces the efficacy of this substance’s turmeric-boosting effects. Bioperine, however, is a unique piperine formulation that is far more bioavailable than normal piperine. Bioperine boosts piperine’s water solubility, which makes it easier for your body to rapidly absorb this substance.

Where can Bioperine® be found naturally? 

You can consume piperine naturally by ingesting black peppercorns or seasoning your food with ground black pepper. The amount of piperine you absorb when you use pepper for seasoning, however, is much smaller than the amount you absorb when you ingest it in bioavailable bioperine.

What is the recommended daily value for Bioperine®?

Bioperine® is not recognised as an essential nutrient, so there is no recommended daily value for this substance. When you don’t consume piperine, however, the turmeric you eat is far less bioavailable, which significantly hinders the ability of this substance to exert anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Can you absorb enough of Bioperine® from food?

Piperine is incredibly difficult to ingest via food. Black pepper is only used sparingly in Western diets, and even when you ingest black pepper, the piperine in this natural substance is not very bioavailable.

Vegans should take piperine and turmeric together to improve immunity and defend against some of the special risks posed to people who do not eat animal products.

Why is Bioperine® necessary for your body?

Bioperine® is the natural counterpart of turmeric. Without piperine, turmeric is almost useless, but as long as you consume plenty of bioperine, the turmeric you ingest is able to reach its full potential. Together with turmeric, bioperine exerts incredibly potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant functions that could add years to your life.

Functions of Bioperine®

Turmeric booster: Taking piperine with turmeric increases tissue concentrations of this turmeric derivative by over 150%. Some estimates suggest that taking piperine with turmeric may increase this antioxidant’s bioavailability by over 2000%.

Bioavailability enhancer: Bioperine® appears to boost the bioavailability of a wide variety of different vitamins, minerals, and other substances.

Digestive booster: Piperine stimulates the pancreas to produce more digestive enzymes, which helps you derive increased nutritional benefits from your food.

Diabetes reducer: Supplementing with piperine every day appears to reduce blood sugar.

Symptoms of Bioperine® deficiency

Neither piperine nor Bioperine® have been recognised as essential nutrients, so it’s not possible to become deficient in this black pepper derivative. At the same time, however, failing to include piperine in your diet means you’re wasting the turmeric you consume, so this substance is, indeed, “essential” if you want to get the most out of the turmeric you eat.

How long do you need to take Bioperine® to start experiencing its benefits?

Bioperine® is designed for its high bioavailability, which means that this substance should start exerting its beneficial effects almost immediately.

Consistency is key and our research recommends taking your Feel supplements for at least 3 months to allow your body to adjust and provide the desired benefits

How long does it take for your body to digest/absorb Bioperine®?

Since it is formulated for high bioavailability, bioperine should absorb through your digestive lining rapidly.

How long does Bioperine® stay in your body after you take it?

As a water-soluble nutrient, Bioperine® does not stay in your body for very long.

Is Bioperine® an antioxidant?

Yes, piperine has antioxidant properties, and it also boosts the antioxidant effects of turmeric to an incredible degree.

Can you overdose on Bioperine®

Piperine overdose is incredibly rare. You will not overdose if you take your daily capsule of Feel Multivitamin™ like you usually do, but if you’re concerned you’ve overdosed on black pepper, contact first responders immediately.

Does Bioperine® dissolve, flush out, or build up in the body?

Bioperine® flushes out of your body relatively rapidly.

Can you take Bioperine® during a diet?

Bioperine® does not interfere with any dietary restrictions.  Like all forms of piperine, bioperine is 100% vegan.

Are there synthetic forms of Bioperine®?

Experiments have been performed to create synthetic forms of piperine, but natural forms of this substance are still more economically viable.

Why might synthetic forms of Bioperine® be better?

The theoretical benefits of synthetic piperine would most likely be economic.

Absorption rate of synthetic Bioperine®

Data on the potential absorption rates of synthetic piperine are not available.

Why might natural forms of Bioperine® be better? 

Bioperine® is the most bioavailable natural form of piperine ever devised. It’s possible that an even more bioavailable form of natural piperine may be developed in the future, but at present, Bioperine® is the best piperine product on the market in every conceivable category.

How to take Bioperine®

You can only consume Bioperine® by consuming a supplement that contains this next-generation ingredient such as Feel Multivitamin™. You can consume raw piperine by ingesting whole black pepper grounds or enjoying ground black pepper with meals. The bioavailability of the raw piperine in black pepper, however, is far lesser than that of Bioperine®.

Bioperine® trends in medicine

Recently, researchers used bioperine as a bioavailability-booster in a study of the effects of turmeric on anxiety. While the researchers ended up determining that turmeric does not reduce anxiety, it’s still encouraging to see that an increasing number of research facilities are becoming aware of the bioavailability benefits of bioperine.

Why everyone should be taking WeAreFeel supplements

It’s only recently come to light that turmeric is practically useless without piperine, but already, people are ditching their turmeric root and getting onboard with WeAreFeel’s new Feel Multivitamin™. 

With 5mg of Bioperine® per daily capsule, our re-envisioned Feel Multivitamin offers bioavailability-boosted turmeric that may be as much as 2000% more effective

Nothing is too good for our WeAreFeel warriors, which is why we pulled out all the stops with our new multivitamin formulation. As the supplement industry continues to evolve, so will we— come along with us for the ride! 

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