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The most sustainable & potent Omega 3 supplement from Algae to support brain function, cardiovascular health, vision and eye health (Vegan).

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Health improvement guarantee   

Our flagship multivitamin contributing to increased energy, clearer skin, stronger hair & nails, strengthened immunity, deeper sleep and much more.

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Super Bundle (Multi, Omega, Beauty) box
Health improvement guarantee   

Our flagship multivitamin paired with the Algae Omega 3 and Beauty Probiotic + to cover all bases and supercharge your health. From energy, sleep, better skin, hair and nails to your brain, heart health and much more.

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Health Super Duo (Multi, Omega) box
Health Super Duo (Multi, Omega)
Health improvement guarantee   

An essential duo that focuses on all the vital parts of your general well-being. The essential combination to promote your health, whilst also contributing to better brain and heart health.

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Moodtropics Bundle (Moodtropics, Focus, Omega) box
Moodtropics Bundle (Moodtropics, Focus, Omega)
Health improvement guarantee   
This bundle is curated with an emphasis on brain performance, brain health, cognitive abilities, mood, mental clarity and calmness. Potent vitamins, botanicals and our Vegan Algae Omega 3 (DHA, EPA) will work in harmony to elevate your body and mind.
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How we make Feel

Lab tested for quality

All ingredients are tested for quality by UKAS accredited laboratories.

Backed by real research

Formula with over 500+ clinical studies and research papers supporting the benefits of ingredients used in Feel products.

Studied and proven results

A study carried out on  620 subjects taking the product for  3+ months:

  • 28% noticed an improvement just after 2 weeks
  • over 50% noticed an improvement after 4 weeks
  • 49% of subjects reported improvements to energy, general mood and skin
  • 37% subjects felt an overall increase to their general health and well being

100% Plastic free packaging

  • We never use plastic in our packaging
  • Feel boxes are 100% recyclable
  • Our pouches are 100% degradable
  • The metalised layer inside the pouch is great for UV and moisture protection and is made from NatureFlex that is also compostable
  • We use eco-friendly paint and UV-Led ColdCure technology

Ethical, sustainable, clean, we care about the planet

  • All products are vegan
  • We do not use animal products or conduct animal testing
  • No excipients or nasty chemicals, colouring or bulking agents

Accredited and manufactured to the highest standards

  • CGMP - accredited facilities
  • HFMA - our manufacturers are Health Food Manufacturers Association accredited
  • BRC - British Retail Consortium accredited
  • Certified
  • Allergen
  • Gluten
  • Non-GMO
  • Halal