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Our products

Clean, high quality, and loved by nutritionists

Tried and trusted by familiar faces, nutritionists and you!

Our unique
formulas redefine

and help you
support all your
health goals.

Backed by science.
Using the most potent ingredients.

Affordable price –
without quality

By selling
directly to you, we eliminate all
middle-men and
retail markups.

The most bioavailable
forms of vitamins and minerals.

Science backed innovative phytonutrients.

Notice a change
within months.

Proven results. Backed by science.

Why would our products work,
when others failed?

It's what's inside
that counts

  • Created by leading nutritional experts, all manufactured here in the UK.
  • The most potent ingredients. In-house formula.
  • Enhanced bioavailability and absorption.

The best, for less.

By subscribing directly you cut out all the middlemen like health shops and retail chains that usually make up to 60% of the product cost.

By subscribing directly you avoid the middlemen like health shops and retail chains that usually make up to 60% of the product cost.

Feel can put more into the best quality ingredients and premium formulation without the need to cut corners to pay retail chains enormous commissions or place ridiculous price markups.

No middlemen.
Directly to you.

We really take a scientific approach to provide the best multivitamin and we are happy you can be part of it too.

By sifting through thousands of studies and extensive research we crafted the perfect formula.

We believe in setting the highest standards for any of all of our products.

The essentials

Our unique formulas contain nutrients lacking in most diets. All Feel products create a harmonious balance within your body.

The extras

We added Turmeric, Reishi Mushrooms, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Glutamine, Grape-seed Extract and Citrus Bioflavonoids and many more natural ingredients to our formula, because we care much more for your health goals than the regular brands.

Only what your body needs.

A clean formula.

No sketchy additives. While most high-street products contain nasty bulking agents, synthetic fillers and cheap ingredients with ridiculously excessive doses - our formula works for you, not against you.

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Free from:

Free from

Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Flavourings, Coating agents, Glycerin, Talk, Palm Oil, Gelatin or any other animal products.

Recognise any of the above? These excipients are the ingredients commonly found in typical multivitamins. These are not the ingredients added for health reasons, but only to make the manufacturing process easier.

Our Medical Advisory Board

Backed by science.

Lauren Craven-Niemczyk
Nutritional Therapist

Our Medical Advisory Board

Feel are not like other supplement brands.

“Feel are at the leading edge of nutrition – prioritising efficacy, purity and sustainability, as well as affordability – making good health accessible to everyone.”

Truly sustainable and eco-friendly

All paper

paper pouch

Certified Vegan

It's part of our mission to make the world a better place.

Over 1,000,000 boxes sold worldwide!