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Shona Wilkinson

Taking a multivitamin and mineral is a great way of ensuring a good intake of nutrients if you are concerned that you aren't following a 100% healthy diet (who of us are!). It acts almost like an insurance policy to help reduce the chances of developing a health condition. Nowadays, we lead very stressful lives and don't always have the time to cook meals from scratch so may be lacking in some nutrients. We also know that stress can reduce our nutrient levels so we may have a greater need than ever for a multivitamin and mineral supplement as a safety net.

The quality of multivitamins and minerals can vary dramatically. Most people would be horrified to discover that the ingredients in their multi are totally synthetic and made in a laboratory. The difference with this multi is that the nutrients come from natural sources. A good example of this would be the Vitamin C content which is sourced from Acerola Cherry or the Calcium which is sourced from Red Marine Algae. Anything that is as close to a food as possible increases the chances of it being recognised as a food by the body and absorbed more readily. Synthetic nutrients may have as little as 20% absorption rate. If you are going to the trouble of taking a multivitamin and mineral, you might as well take one that is going to actually be absorbed!

We are taking a product that we want to help with our health, so it makes sense to ensure it’s a good one. Supplements can often have extra "excipients". These are ingredients that aren't added for health reasons but are added to make the manufacturing process easier. Having your supplement in a capsule form helps reduce these excipients dramatically as you automatically don't need ingredients to help hold the tablet together or ingredients added to provide a coating for the tablet. The fact that this supplement is in a capsule form makes it a better product not only for ease of taking but also that it reduces the excipients required.

WeAreFeel has also gone to the trouble of making sure their supplement is in a vegan form. This can actually increase the manufacturing costs quite substantially, but they felt that ethically this is a direction they wanted to go in. It is quite clear that WeAreFeel were not happy just producing the usual multivitamin and mineral with the standard ingredients but wanted to produce something that is far superior and therefore more effective.

It is great to see more thought and care going into our supplement making and I look forward to seeing this product get the attention it deserves!

I am pleased to be working with Feel in their mission to create a superior multivitamin and mineral that will benefit the health of their consumers.

Dr. Arielle Levitan

As a physician and vitamin expert I would suggest that there are many things about off the shelf multivitamins that make them undesirable and potentially harmful.

Not only do they contain many fillers and additives which may be unhealthy, but they also contain other "nutrients" which may actually be unnecessary and harmful to your health.

For example, many contain high doses of Vitamin A. It turns out that most of us are not vitamin A deficient and need not take several times the daily recommended dose of Vitamin A in a supplement.

There are studies suggesting a link between high doses of vitamin A via supplement and cancer and osteoporosis. Why take this? In addition, most off the shelf multis contain heavy metals such as aluminum, nickel and chromium.

There is little proven benefit to these and there is some suggestion that heavy metal deposition may contribute to dementia.

In addition, generic multivitamins often do not contain enough of the vitamins a person may actually need such as vitamin D, magnesium and certain B vitamins. It is our belief that a personalized approach to vitamins is a superior way to go.

A custom all in one vitamin is the best way to get exactly what you need (and avoid all that other junk) based on your diet, lifestyle and health concerns.

"WeAreFeel Glitter" Multivitamin

Feel Multivitamin