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*As Zinc Bisglycinate - 12.5mg - 125% of Daily NRV* in Feel Multivitamin™
  • Keeps your immune system running smoothly to prevent illness;
  • Your body uses zinc to stimulate enzyme production in more than 300 separate ways;
  • Improves protein production and skin health;
  • Helps you heal faster from wounds;
  • Has profound anti-inflammatory effects that reduce your risk of disease;
  • May fight back against OCD and depression.

Why We Love Zinc

Your body doesn’t produce zinc, which means you need to ingest this mineral to protect your health. Without enough zinc in your body, hundreds of different nerve, metabolism, and digestive enzymes will stop working, and your health will deteriorate. Since we understand how important this incredible mineral is to your health, we include a full 125% of your daily dose of zinc in Feel.

When you take Feel once per day, you can rest easy knowing that your body has enough zinc to keep your immune system, skin, and other tissues healthy. Since zinc also improves your senses of smell and taste, ingesting zinc every day will even make your experience of being alive more enjoyable.


Without enough zinc in your body, hundreds of different nerve, metabolism, and digestive enzymes will stop working.

Unbelievable Benefits of Zinc

To date, more than 300 studies have been conducted to learn more about the benefits of zinc. This exhaustive research has uncovered the following benefits:

Neurological Benefits

A study found that zinc supplementation reduced the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Zinc deficiency can cause anorexia, and research indicates that oral zinc consumption stimulates appetite.

Zinc supplementation appears to reduce the symptoms of depression, and making sure you get enough zinc in your diet also improves the effectiveness of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which are common anti-depression drugs. Zinc may also improve your ability to learn new things.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Zinc deficiency increases your risk of atherosclerosis, and zinc supplementation reduces your risk of this artery-clogging disease. Research indicates that zinc achieves this effect by reducing the levels of LDL-C in your blood, which is one of the most dangerous forms of cholesterol.

Tissue Health Benefits

Many hospitals use zinc to treat ulcers, burns, and other skin lesions. Zinc is also essential to collagen synthesis, which means that zinc supplementation can improve the collagen levels in your skin and other tissues. Collagen is the most prevalent protein in your body, and without it, your tissues can’t thrive.

Zinc can speed up wound healing. A study found that subjects with diabetic foot ulcers who were administered zinc experienced impressive ulcer size reductions. If you have enough zinc in your system, you have a lesser risk of developing acne, which means that this condition won’t harm your self-confidence.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Oxidative stress causes inflammation, and zinc reduces oxidative stress. One study found that adults who supplemented with zinc suffered from less inflammation. Since inflammation plays a key role in the genesis and progression of many diseases, zinc supplementation may protect you from a variety of dangerous conditions.

Immune System Benefits

Zinc might reduce the duration of the common cold better than vitamin C. A study found that ingesting about 80mg of zinc per day reduced the duration of cold symptoms by 33 percent. Zinc also reduces the risk of infection in adults.

Other Benefits

Research indicates that zinc may help prevent a variety of age-related illnesses.