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  • Francesca Lancaster box

    About the Author:

    My passion is helping people rediscover good health and wellbeing by making some simple diet and lifestyle changes.

    I have always held an interest in health, nutrition and exercise, but it was when I had my two children that I committed to taking my interest to the next level. Partly, because I wanted to learn how to give my children the best start nutritionally, and also because my reading on the internet had uncovered so many conflicting ideas resulting in confusion, that I decided to study nutrition in depth to make sense of it all.

    Now in my own clinical practice, I am committed to passing this knowledge on. Whether you are looking to improve your general health and wellbeing through preventative diet and lifestyle changes, lose weight, or help to manage specific health conditions. I want to get you on the path to feeling great, looking great and a healthy future ahead.

    Francesca Lancaster
    Registered Nutritional Therapist
    BSc Hons in Nutritional Science, dipNT, mBANT, CNHC
    Formula is being continually updated to reflect the very latest scientific research

    A great daily staple to optimise your nutrient intake!

    The Feel multivitamin ticks all the boxes and more. It contains an excellent and broad selection of nutrients, which importantly are in their most bioavailable form, making this a really comprehensive daily nutrient boost. The formula is also continually being updated to reflect the very latest scientific research.

    There are no added synthetic fillers or bulking agents, they are vegan, and are packaged in sustainable plastic-free packaging.

    Certainly a multivitamin that I will be recommending.

  • Nicole Leida box

    About the Author:

    As someone who has been working for many years alongside medical professionals and scientists, I have always been fascinated by the human body and the way it works. As part of my yoga training, I studied anatomy and physiology and at the time, I was lucky enough to be able to observe a real dissection at a course I organised for work (I am an event organiser by trade). That was an eye opening experience that made me want to learn more about the mechanics of the body, both empirically and by studying it.

    At the same time, primarily through many visits to India, I came across a number of Eastern philosophies that profess the link between body and mind, as well as the use of food as medicine. I had experienced that connection and felt the many benefits offered by nutritious food, intelligent movement, breath control and stillness. I was determined not to lose it but I felt out of my depth when it came to articulating it to others.

    To complement my love for food with my need of understanding the science behind it, I decided to embark into a naturopathic nutrition qualification to equip me with a sound knowledge of the chemical processes that happen in the body when we eat. Nutritional science is a fascinating topic, ever evolving.

    Nicole Leida
    Nutritional Therapist & Yoga Teacher
    Very happy with the fact it is compostable.

    I love the packaging - very easy to take with you everywhere and very happy with the fact it is compostable. As a nutritionist, I was impressed with the list of ingredients on all supplements I tried - no nasties in there which made me happy, but I have to agree with some other reviews that the pregnancy ones don’t smell great and I guess some of my pregnant clients would struggle with them because of it. Perhaps something to consider? Other than that, delivery was quick and even though they forgot an item, it was quickly shipped a few days later. Thank you.

  • Claire Clerkin box

    About the Author:

    Like many nutritional therapists, I came to the profession through my own health issues and healing journey. A positive experience using nutrition to manage my health issues strengthened my belief that we have the resources, in our kitchens, to achieve and maintain good health.

    I am passionate about helping people take control of their diet and lifestyle in order to prevent illness and achieve vitality. For many people, simply getting back to basics can help restore balance and wellness.

    I help clients with a range of issues, by tailoring nutrition and lifestyle plans for them. My recommendations are based on the latest nutritional science and informed by a functional medicine framework. I am dedicated to ensuring that nutritional therapy is practised in a responsible way and in line with the highest standards.

    Claire Clerkin
    Registered Nutritional Therapist
    Proven nutrients for the specific health focus and lovely complementary herbs.

    I enjoyed trying the sample products myself and with family members. What I really like about the products is that they are carefully formulated with therapeutic levels of proven nutrients for the specific health focus and lovely complementary herbs.

    The integrative nature of the formulations addresses the root causes of the health area in a holistic manner, with enough of each ingredient to make a difference. I prefer to recommend supplements free of fillers and binders, so Feel products hit the mark there too. To top it off, the rigorous sourcing of ingredients and eco-friendly packaging makes the supplements an attractive option, at a very affordable price.

  • Jo Woodhurst box

    About the Author:

    As a Qualified Nutritional Therapist, I approach clients with the same outset - to help you achieve optimal energy, motivation, zest for life and overall health.

    Good nutrition is the core foundation that your health and wellbeing are built upon. Not only that - eating well now can ensure you live well as you age.

    Food and nutrition for me are first and foremost about nourishment and enjoyment. I strongly believe in offering evidence-based nutritional advice, based heavily on current research, the biochemistry of the human body and using the world’s natural resources. My approach is evidence-based but not evidence-limited.

    Jo Woodhurst
    Registered Nutritional Therapist
    It meets ethical requirements as well as nutritional ones.

    There are so many aspects to Feel supplements that I really value for my clients and myself!

    As a nutritionist, I spend a long time researching and finding the right supplements for my clients to ensure they are high quality and meet all their needs.

    When I first saw the ingredients list for the different Feel complexes, I felt both impressed and excited. Impressed that Feel choose the most bioavailable, easily absorbed form of nutrients and excited about the additional botanicals from Reishi mushroom to Ginseng, which I often must source separately for my clients. Now they can take them all in one capsule, reducing cost and making life a little easier. They also ensure they are gluten free, allergen free, there are no excipients or unhealthy bulking agents, making the processing ideal for my high standards.

    Feel go that one step further too. By making the packaging 100% biodegradable and suitable for all my clients, whether they are vegan or not, it meets ethical requirements as well as nutritional ones.

    I have been taking a few of the Feel supplements for the past month or so, including the Focus complex. As a mum returning to work after maternity leave, this supplement has been a great help in keeping my energy and motivation consistent across the day. If I could tweak it a little, I would preferably use a different herb instead of Panax Ginseng as I had to wait until I stopped breastfeeding until I could use them.

    I will absolutely be using Feel supplements for myself and my clients in the future!

  • Francesca Liparoti box

    About the Author:

    I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist & women's hormone balancing coach. I help women in their 40s rebalance their bodies and hormones so they can rediscover energy and vibrancy. I allow my clients the private space they need to talk about their health challenges and their goals with an expert and I help them to understand how their day to day nutrition and lifestyle habits could be keeping them stuck and guide them on a completely personalised level towards transforming their health and wellbeing once and for all, in an enjoyable way. I love nothing more than educating and empowering, busting myths and clearing up confusion when it comes to what’s actually needed to rebalance our amazing bodies, and to THRIVE.

    I studied and trained for 4 years at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and graduated in 2013. I run a busy one to one practice online, via Zoom, and I also run a 12 week online group programme called Rebalance + Thrive. I am a fully registered nutritionist, bound by the code of ethics in clinical practice and have met the strict criteria required for registration with BANT, the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy and the CNHC, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, which is the council recommended by the UK Department of Health for complementary and natural healthcare services.

    Francesca Liparoti
    Registered Nutritional Therapist
    My sleep has been transformed since taking a teaspoon of Feel Sleep.

    In my nutritional therapy practice sleep is one of the biggest areas my clients can struggle with, myself included during stressful or busier times, and when it comes to rebalancing health and hormones good sleep plays such a significant role. Magnesium glycinate has always been a staple supplement in my clinic for supporting good sleep which is what initially drew me to the Feel Sleep product which also contains a fantastic selection of other key sleep support nutrients at their optimal levels, which can be hard to find in blended products! The amino acid L-Glycine taken with magnesium glycinate is a real winner for sleep and Feel Sleep powder contains a whopping 3,700mg of it. The addition of L-Tryptophan, passionflower, lemon balm and Rhodiola, Hops and chromium make this product a top choice for me for supporting my clients (and myself!) with sleep.

    Personally, my sleep has been transformed since taking a teaspoon of Feel Sleep about 30 minutes before heading to bed each night. I noticed it from night 1 but I wanted to give it a full 30 days before getting too excited and I can now honestly say that my sleep is deeper and more restorative, even on the nights I still wake up during the night I get back to sleep quickly and my sleep has been deeper and more restorative regardless of any interruptions. I’m grateful to have found this product and to be sleeping better at night and therefore feeling better during the day.

    As a Registered Nutrition professional I spend a lot of time researching supplements to ensure that they contain not only high-quality ingredients but also that they’re in a form that’s easily absorbed into the body, plus not full of additional excipients and fillers commonly found in cheaper, high-street supplements. Feel Sleep contains the potent selection of key sleep nutrients with a strawberry fruit powder and strawberry flavouring made from natural stevia and NOTHING else. I’m so glad I’ve found FEEL Sleep!

  • Annika Thomas box

    About the Author:

    I created ANNIKA as a representation of myself, owing the power of nutrition and lifestyle medicine in the transformation of my reproductive health. This led me to being passionate about empowering women to optimise their fertility on their journey to nourishing new life.

    Feeling lost and no support, I turned to functional medicine and became passionate about the power of nutrition in supporting my own health. By implementing this alongside my IVF treatment, I successfully conceived my son. Furthermore, I have recently achieved further success and have since regained my cycles after years of nothing and am now blessed to have conceived my second child naturally. By understanding and addressing the root causes of PCOS, I now feel in tune with my body, and am in complete control of my hormonal health.

    Annika Thomas
    Registered Nutritional Therapist
    Good quality to aid absorption

    I have had a client who has nearly come to the end of the pregnancy multivitamin and has given me an overview. She found the capsule easy to take, and was happy with how she felt on the supplement.

    She did mention the supplement did have a fish like smell to it which she was able to deal with herself but this may be a bother for others. (I myself explained it is likely due to the L-Selenomethionine and methionine and refrigeration may help).

    Myself, I was happy that the ingredients were of good quality to aid absorption and the prices seem reasonable when compared to other competitors on the market.

  • Fanni Ropoli box

    About the Author:

    Fanni is a nutritionist specialising in female hormones. I help women to rebalance and have drama free periods.

    Fanni Ropoli
    I love the fact it is gentle on your body.

    I tried the Feel Digestion and I love the fact it is gentle on your body, yet very effective. I love the well thought-through combination of enzymes and herbs to support the digestive system.

    It doesn't contain unnecessary ingredients and the handy recyclable packaging is a bonus! I will happily recommend Feel products to my clients.

  • Karen Preece Smith box

    About the Author:

    Karen Preece Smith is a registered nutritional therapist mBANT, CNHC, IFM with a special interest in Long Covid after working within the field of CFS and PVF for several years.
    Alongside her own successful online clinic, www.alturum.co.uk, Karen is also a health journalist who regularly contributes to ION nutrition magazine (e.g. the cover story on Long Covid in the current issue) and other titles. She works as a Health expert for Ayurveda tech company, www.besuperfied.com and is a freelance assessment marker for ION. Karen has 2 children and lives in The Cotswolds. You can also find her on Instagram - @alturum

    Karen Preece Smith
    Registered Nutritional Therapist
    BA (Hons), MA, DipION, mBANT, CNHC
    I love the convenience!

    I used the Feel Multivitamin for a month and already noticed a difference to my energy and mental sharpness. I also love the convenience of the postage pack and the recyclable packaging.

  • Claire Jarvis box

    About the Author:

    Claire qualified as a Nurse from Chester University in 2004 and worked within the NHS for 11 years in areas such as acute gastro surgery, intensive care, oncology, mental health - addictions and was the Substance Abuse Nurse for 11-18 year olds.

    Claire obtained a Specialist Community Public Health Nursing degree (BSc) hons in 2012 and worked as a Health Visitor prior to having two boys. Since having children Claire has qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

    The assessments follow a holistic health model, looking at physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, valuing the importance of treating each person as an individual, whilst recognising their life stressors, social support and unique health journey.

    Claire Jarvis
    Nutritional Therapist
    From my perspective it ticks all the boxes.

    With so many different options now available, it is difficult to stand out from other brands. Feel did exactly that.

    It’s refreshing to see a brand that is ethical, sustainable and 100% plant based with consciously thought-out ingredients and plastic free packaging.

    I often use turmeric with piperine for clients requiring musculoskeletal support, and reishi mushrooms are also a great addition for immunity support. I can definitely see a place for this multi with many clients, without them having to take the usual extra supplements.

    Feel is clearly a brand with so much thought behind it, from my perspective it ticks all the boxes.

  • Georgina Gray box

    About the Author:

    Georgina helps ambitious women take control of hormonal chaos, so they can thrive. Georgina founded The Sorrel Health Method to help transform women's hormones and wellbeing using a new holistic healthcare approach which is totally personalised, results-driven and rooted in science.

    Created by women for women, The Sorrel Health Method was inspired by Georgina's own hormone and thyroid healing journey which started in Australia. Georgina is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, Registered Nutritionist and Women’s Health specialist, currently practicing online.

    Georgina Gray
    Registered Nutritional Therapist
    BA Hons, DipION, mBANT, CNHC
    It is clear that they were designed by Nutrition Practitioners that really know their stuff.

    I am very impressed by Feel's supplements, in particular the Multi as the addition of L-glutamine and Reishi Mushrooms really makes it stand out from the crowd. The whole range of products is high quality, with no fillers and therapeutic doses which is what I look for in a supplement.

    It is clear that they were designed by Nutrition Practitioners that really know their stuff. I am feeling full of energy and vitality whilst taking the Multi and will continue to recommend Feel to clients, friends and family alike. Thank you Feel for an exciting new launch.

It is quite clear that WeAreFeel were not happy just producing the usual multivitamin and mineral with the standard ingredients, but wanted to produce something that is far superior and therefore more effective.

Shona Wilkinson Photo
Shona Wilkinson,
Registered Nutritionist