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Malia Frey
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University of Michigan, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

What is L-glutamine?

L-glutamine is an essential amino acid your body needs to form proteins, and support immune and gastrointestinal health.

  • Helps your body create new immune cells
  • Keeps your gut healthy to boost digestion and improve your immune system
  • Improves your ability to recover after exercise
  • May prevent diabetes and reduce the symptoms of this disease

Why we love L-glutamine

L-glutamine is an essential amino acid, which means it helps your body build proteins. While D-glutamine doesn’t seem to do much in the body, L-glutamine has several beneficial effects. Your body produces L-glutamine, and you can get it in food. It’s easy to skimp on this important nutrient, however, which is why we included L-glutamine in Feel.

This amino acid boosts your immune system, helps you recover from exercise, and it may even prevent diabetes. Overall, ingesting plenty of L-glutamine provides your body with more proteins, which allows you to make new tissues and repair your cells.

Scientists continue to research the benefits of getting plenty of L-glutamine in your diet. Here are some of the compellingly positive effects that this amino acid may have:

There are no significant vitamins or minerals in a single serving of mustard.

Why we love L-glutamine