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Top 5 Tips for Picking the Best Multivitamin

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How do you make sure that you’ll pick the perfect multivitamin for your needs every single time? It’s simple: Just stay within your daily dose, avoid fillers like the plague, keep your diet healthy, be skeptical of medical claims, and choose the delivery method that’s right for you.

  • Be just as careful with your supplements as you are with the rest of the things you eat.
  • The key to a successful multivitamin habit is remembering to take a capsule every single day.
  • Use the energy and well-being you derive from your multivitamin to put together an awesome diet plan packed with essential nutrients.
  • Don’t fall for multivitamin hype; only trust scientifically-sourced benefits.
  • Remember that you can always consult with your doctor if you have any multivitamin questions.

When used correctly, multivitamins can serve as great insurance against the dangers of a constantly shifting diet. Whether you simply want to stay as healthy as possible or you know you don’t have time to eat the food that you should be eating, supplements can help you ensure that your body will still have what it needs to thrive.

Not all multivitamins are made equal, however. If you’re serious about being as healthy as possible, you’ll need to avoid being swayed by medical claims and do plenty of research. Here at WeAreFeel, we did tons of research to tailor our next-generation multivitamin, and here are our top five tips for making sure you pick a winner as you search for the perfect supplement.

1. Avoid Excessive Doses

Over the years, the levels of essential nutrients in multivitamins has steadily crept up. Perhaps marketing research indicated that consumers were more interested in multivitamins that contained way more than your recommended daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

Whatever the case may be, many multivitamins on the market today contain way higher nutrient concentrations than you need to stay healthy. Some essential nutrients, like vitamin B and iron, can be harmful if you consume too much of them, but this simple fact hasn’t forced major multivitamin manufacturers to clean up their acts.

While getting 3,000 percent of your daily value of a certain nutrient might seem like the best way to be healthy, the opposite is actually the case. Never go beyond 100 percent of the recommended daily value of a particular vitamin or mineral, and if a multivitamin on your shelf contains more nutrients than you need, it’s time to throw it out.

THE BOTTOM LINE: When it comes to multivitamins, it’s often the case that less makes more.

2. Fillers Are Never Acceptable

Any multivitamin manufacturer that makes the case that fillers are necessary in vitamin capsules is just lazy. Here at WeAreFeel, we understand that fillers have no place in multivitamins, and we guarantee you that Feel is filler-free.

Fillers in multivitamins are also called excipients, and these ingredients often hide their uselessness behind scientific names. For instance, magnesium silicate isn’t the kind of magnesium you need in your diet to stay healthy; it’s actually the scientific name for talc, which may contain asbestos and which has been linked to increased stomach cancer rates in Japan.

If you aren’t careful, you could accidentally choose a multivitamin that contains genetically-modified soybean oil or heavy metals. Plus, not every vitamin or mineral source is equal, and some artificial sources of essential nutrients could even be harmful.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Fillers are sometimes harmful, and they’re always useless. Avoid multivitamins that contain ingredients you don’t need.

3. Don’t Substitute Supplementation for a Healthy Diet

No matter how long you search, you’ll never find a multivitamin that completely replaces a healthy diet. Supplements are designed to act as insurance policies; if you happen to not get the vitamins and minerals you need on a given day, your supplements kick in and deliver the necessary nutrients.

However, you can’t continue eating the wrong things day in and day out and think you’ll get away with it by using a multivitamin. As you search for the right daily supplement for your needs, keep your expectations in check, and don’t get the supplement with the highest daily values just because you think it will be more effective.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Even after you’ve found the multivitamin of your dreams, don’t forget that a healthy diet is the best way to get the nutrients you need.

4. Shy Away from Medical Claims

It’s fine for supplement manufacturers to tell you all about the benefits of their products; we love to talk about how great the ingredients in Feel are whenever we have the chance. If the manufacturers of a multivitamin you’re considering make medical claims about their supplement, on the other hand, you should probably steer clear of that product.

All too often, medical claims are hype that isn’t substantiated by medical research. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is engaged in a continuous war against medical claims in supplements, and there’s a good reason why there’s such a battle over this subject: Medical claims could mislead consumers. Here at WeAreFeel, we understand that it’s always better to simply tell our customers about the benefits of each of our ingredients and let them draw conclusions for themselves.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Allow yourself to be compelled by scientific proof, not baseless medical claims.

5. Choose the Right Delivery Method

There are plenty of delivery methods to choose from as you find the multivitamin that’s right for you. However, a capsule is still the best delivery method for multivitamins for a variety of reasons.

Problems with Chewables

Chewable multivitamins are simple and attractive, and they might be the only tool you have at your disposal to get your kids to take supplements. However, chewable multivitamins contain tons of colorants, sweeteners, and other useless ingredients that work against your goal of being healthy.

Tablet Turmoil

Tablets always contain fillers. Vitamins and minerals don’t stick together on their own, so whether its cellulose, lactose, or maltodextrin, multivitamin tablet manufacturers will have to resort to using some sort of sticky substance that you don’t want in your body to keep their tablets from falling apart.

Powder Mayhem

When you add powdered multivitamins to shakes or smoothies, it’s almost impossible to make sure that you get the right dose. Even if you carefully fill the measuring cup each time, powder is an ultimately inefficient method for delivering vitamins that can cause unnecessary messes.

The Capsule Solution

While plenty of low-end multivitamin capsules contain fillers, the capsule is the only multivitamin delivery system that can be filler-free and mess-free at the same time. Here at WeAreFeel, we don’t include any fillers in our revolutionary multivitamin capsule, and taking a capsule of Feel every morning is the easiest thing you’ll do all day.

THE BOTTOM LINE: While gummy multivitamins might have been all the rage when you were a kid, capsules are the best tools for getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy.

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