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5mg in Feel Multivitamin™
  • Can improve your ability to recover after exercise
  • Supports muscle development and growth
  • May protect intestinal barrier cells

Why We Love L-Glutamine

Glutamine is an essential amino acid, which means it helps your body build proteins. While D-glutamine doesn’t seem to do much in the body, L-glutamine has several beneficial effects. Your body produces L-glutamine, and you can get it in food. It’s easy to skimp on this important nutrient, however, which is why we included glutamine in Feel.

This amino acid can improve your ability to recover after exercise, and can support muscle development and growth. Overall, ingesting plenty of L-glutamine provides your body with more proteins, which allows you to make new tissues and repair your cells.


This amino acid can improve your ability to recover after exercise, and can support muscle development and growth.

Unbelievable Benefits of L-Glutamine

Scientists continue to research the benefits of getting plenty of L-glutamine in your diet. Here are some of the compellingly positive effects that this amino acid may have:

Immunological Benefits

Without glutamine, your body wouldn’t be able to make the immune cells it needs to protect you from dangerous invaders. This amino acid is a critical component of white blood cells and intestinal immune cells, so having more L-glutamine in your diet can increase your white blood cell count. Scientists have also found that your immune system might not work as well when you don’t consume enough glutamine.

Research indicates that glutamine improves overall health, and it also seems to improve survival rates in critically ill patients. You can help your body recover from surgery or injuries by supplementing with glutamine.

Diabetes Benefits

Glutamine directly introduces glucose into the bloodstream, and it also increases your insulin levels. Low glucose and insulin levels are the central driving factors of diabetes, and increasing the levels of these important substances in your body can also reduce your risk of developing this disease.

Gastrointestinal Benefits

The gastrointestinal tract is the biggest part of your immune system, and maintaining healthy gut flora can protect you from all sorts of different diseases. Glutamine provides nutrients to your immune cells, which helps the watchdog cells in your intestinal tract kill bad bacteria and promote the growth of good gut bacteria.

This amino acid also bolsters your intestinal barrier, which prevents leaky gut syndrome. When your gut is leaky, harmful bacteria can penetrate your gut and enter the rest of your body, so supplementing with glutamine can improve your overall ability to prevent illness.

Exercise Performance Benefits

Glutamine appears to help your muscles recover after you exercise. Research indicates that supplementing with L-glutamine can reduce the length of muscle soreness after intensive exercise, and it also helps your muscle tissue recover.

Due to their intensive lifestyles, athletes are more at risk of getting sick, and illnesses can make athletes unable to do what they do best. Some studies suggest that glutamine improves the immune functioning of athletes.