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20mg in Complete Multivitamin

  • Helps your body make the fats that support your cellular integrity;
  • Promotes healthy DNA synthesis;
  • Helps your body make the essential neurotransmitter acetylcholine;
  • Promotes liver health to help you process toxins more efficiently;
  • Protects you against the dangers of choline deficiency.

Why We Love Choline

Choline is one of the most exciting new nutrients. The importance of this healthy substance was only discovered recently, but it’s already making waves in the global medical research community. Choline is essential to maintaining your cellular integrity, and without it, your DNA molecules can’t reproduce effectively.

While choline deficiency is rare, it’s incredibly dangerous. Even if you aren’t deficient in choline, it’s important to provide your body with enough of this substance to protect your health. Having enough choline will help your brain develop and maintain itself effectively, and this substance also helps your body remove toxins.

L-Choline rounded

Choline is essential to maintaining your cellular integrity, and without it, your DNA molecules can’t reproduce effectively.

Unbelievable Benefits of Choline

Choline is still a relatively newly-discovered substance, so less than 50 studies have been conducted to learn more about the benefits of choline. The evidence that scientists have uncovered so far, however, is incredibly compelling:

Neurological Benefits

A review of the available scientific literature on choline found that this substance is absolutely vital to proper brain development in babies and children. Interestingly, choline isn’t removed from the body after it’s been used; instead, the liver recycles this nutrient, and it goes back to the brain or anywhere else it is needed.

Your body uses dietary choline to make acetylcholine, which is one of the most important neurotransmitters. The nervous system uses acetylcholine to improve muscle movement, promote healthy cardiovascular function, and handle a variety of other tasks. Where acetylcholine truly shines, however, is in memory and learning. If you ingest enough dietary choline to synthesize an optimum amount of acetylcholine, your ability to learn and retain information will vastly increase.

Muscular Benefits

If you don’t consume enough dietary choline, you might experience muscle damage. In one study, almost every participant experienced muscle damage when they didn’t consume enough choline. A second study backed up these findings by determining that 73 percent of postmenopausal women experienced muscular and liver damage when they stopped consuming choline.

Cellular and DNA Benefits

Without enough choline, your body won’t be able to make enough fats to effectively maintain your cells. Therefore, choline deficiency can lead to cellular breakdown all throughout your body.

Research has found that choline deficiency leads to the breakdown of DNA strands. Deficiency in this nutrient also has epigenetic effects that can alter your genetic code.

Liver Benefits

If your body doesn’t have enough choline, it won’t be able to break down hepatic fatty acid, which is a harmful substance that damages your liver when it accumulates. If you don’t ingest enough dietary choline, fat and cholesterol build up in your liver, which hinders this vital organ’s ability to remove toxins from your body.

Reproductive Benefits

If you consume enough choline while you’re pregnant, your baby will be less likely to have neural tube defects. However, if you don’t ingest enough dietary choline during pregnancy, your baby may have lower birth weight, or it may be premature.

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