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*As Picolinate - 75mcg - 188% of Daily NRV* in Feel Multivitamin™
  • Helps balance your blood sugar to prevent diabetes;
  • Normalises your metabolism to prevent unhealthy weight gain;
  • Reduces hunger and cravings for unhealthy food;
  • Helps you lose weight when you’re on a diet.

Why We Love Chromium

Your body requires chromium in trace amounts, but this essential mineral is one of the most overlooked nutrients. While chromium is available from a variety of food sources, it’s easy to become deficient in this mineral if you don’t eat these types of foods frequently, and chromium deficiency can drastically increase your risk of developing diabetes.

While certain types of chromium are considered to be industrial waste because they are toxic, chromium picolinate is the good kind of chromium that’s found in food. When you don’t consume the types of foods that contain high levels of chromium, it’s necessary to take chromium in supplements, which is why we included this nutrient in our Feel Multivitamin™. If you have diabetes, taking chromium in supplement form may even stabilise your blood sugar levels and reduce your symptoms!


Taking chromium appears to reduce hunger and improve feelings of satiety, which leads to an overall decrease in food intake.

Unbelievable Benefits of Chromium

Over the years, scientists have discovered that chromium has a lot of benefits, which led to the recognition that this mineral is an essential nutrient. While chromium is one of the least-researched nutrients, it’s clear to see that this mineral has a wide variety of different benefits:

Metabolism Benefits

Chromium’s main effect appears to be the enhancement of the action of insulin in the body, which is a hormone that plays a vital role in regulating your metabolism. Essentially, your metabolism is the rate at which your body stores and uses carbohydrates and other types of food-derived energy, and when your metabolism is too high, you might have trouble maintaining a healthy weight, and you might suddenly become incredibly hungry for no apparent reason.

Supplementing with chromium appears to improve your body’s ability to regulate insulin, which, in turn, improves your blood sugar and normalises your metabolism. Improving your metabolism can lead to a wide variety of beneficial effects, and it appears that chromium plays a critical role in helping your body store and release the proper amounts of energy.

Blood Sugar Benefits

High blood sugar levels are associated with diabetes, and when the levels of glucose in your blood are too high, a variety of other negative effects can also occur. Research has shown that people who have high blood sugar respond better to chromium supplements, which seems to indicate that there’s a relationship between this essential mineral and your blood sugar levels.

Further research has confirmed that people who take chromium supplements are significantly less likely to develop diabetes. If you’ re concerned that you might be at risk of diabetes or you’ ve been observed to exhibit prediabetic symptoms, taking a supplement that contains chromium might be able to reverse the trend and improve your overall health and well-being.

It’s important to note that not all studies into the subject have concluded that chromium reduces your blood sugar levels. It will be necessary to do more research to conclusively demonstrate the viability of chromium for this purpose, but if you’re interested in preventing diabetes, there’s no harm in taking chromium in a daily supplement like our Feel Multivitamin™.

Weight Loss Benefits

Taking chromium appears to reduce hunger and improve feelings of satiety, which leads to an overall decrease in food intake. If you’d like to shed a few extra pounds, therefore, taking chromium is a good idea, but remember that a healthy diet and exercise are also essential tools for attaining your ideal weight.

Supplementing with chromium appears to reduce episodes of binge eating and help with depression. Many of us choose to eat more than we should when we aren’t feeling good, and it seems that chromium helps keep those unhealthy impulses under control.

All of these factors seem to indicate that taking chromium might help you lose weight, but most of the studies that have been conducted to confirm this theory have been inconclusive. At the same time, however, not enough research has been done to determine the efficacy of chromium for weight loss one way or the other, and all the evidence seems to suggest that taking chromium reduces your urge to eat, which will naturally lead to a reduction in weight over time.