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*As Calcium Citrate-Malate - 45mg - 6% of Daily NRV* in Feel Multivitamin™
  • Maintains healthy bones and muscles
  • Supports the maintenance of healthy teeth
  • Maintains the normal function of digestive enzymes
  • Plays a role in the process of cell division and specialisation
  • Contributes to normal neurotransmission

Why We Love Calcium

Calcium is an essential mineral, which means that your body can’t survive without it. Not only is calcium necessary for cell signalling, but it also plays a role in the process of cell division and specialisation.

For instance, calcium is one of the main constituents of your bones, and you need to maintain a steady intake of calcium to protect your bone density and prevent fractures. This essential mineral also plays a key role in the cardiovascular system, and it may even help you maintain a healthy weight. It can be hard to get the calcium you need in the modern diet, so it is important to ensure you are consuming your recommended calcium intake on a daily basis.


Calcium is one of the main constituents of your bones.

Unbelievable Benefits of Calcium

Over the years, scientists have discovered quite a few different impressive benefits of calcium. Here are just a few examples:

Bone Density Benefits

According to scientific research, adequate calcium intake is absolutely essential to optimal bone health. One study took a look at the combined benefits of supplementing with calcium and vitamin D, and the researchers found that consuming adequate levels of calcium was especially effective if you’re deficient in this essential mineral.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Research shows that getting your recommended daily intake of calcium can contribute to normal blood clotting. What’s more, it also appears that supplementing with calcium may reduce your risk of hypertension (high blood pressure).

Metabolic Benefits

There may be a link between calcium intake and weight, with one study linking calcium supplementation with improved metabolism in women. Further research is needed to confirm this connection.

Other Benefits

In addition to the benefits we’ve covered so far, calcium may reduce your chances of getting kidney stones, and this essential mineral may be beneficial to your overall neurological health. In general, your body needs calcium to perform a wide variety of different processes. Vegans and vegetarians or those who avoid dairy products are recommended to ensure they include a wide range of calcium sources in their diet, from leafy green vegetables to tofu and sesame seeds (tahini), as well as from fortified foods and supplements.